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Dance V Dance & Vocal Workshops 

  DanceV Australian Contemporary Dance and Vocal Workshops held in Australia  

The Australian Contemporary Dance and Vocal Workshop is held during Australian school holidays. The five day workshop aims at creating a professional training and performance experience for dancers and vocalists.

 This program covers:
• Audition process
• Learning about voice and use of relevant equipment
• Following the direction of a professional choreographer
• Performing live after 5 days work to family and friends
• Confidence

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The program takes students through the development of their chosen field from audition to performance techniques, latest industry trends in dance and technical training for professional vocalists, incorporates cutting edge music to original songs. In addition we discuss the business aspects of working within the entertainment industry.
The training takes place in the form of preparing and rehearsing for a performance, Darren Disney will choreograph students with Melissa Van Zeist. Darren is currently working with the full time course at Brent Street Studios in Sydney NSW Australia and dDance Studios on the Central Coast NSW Australia. Melissa Van Zeist runs MVZ Studios in Muswellbrook NSW Australia.

Vocalists will work with Ian Sandercoe. Ian has over twenty years experience in the Contemporary Music Industry. Ian currently is touring across Australia performing live and writing and recording new material.

The Dance and Vocal Workshop is run from a given Tuesday to Saturday and concludes with a final performance showcase which takes place on Saturday evening within each workshop. Times may vary according to venue and daylight savings.

It is recommended students wear appropriate dance or fitness wear and bring lunch and water each day / evening in attendance.
Show costuming is directed towards basic attire, generally within the average home.
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