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Write / Record / Release
With Ian Sandercoe

The workshop begins with basic vocal work (projection and strength, correct breathing techniques). Music and the different genres and use of instruments within a band.

Ian will cover how to (Write) format and structure a song, followed by the (Record) digital recording.

(Release) Ian will discuss copyrighting songs and recordings of. From here he will discuss getting the music to the audience. (Live Showcase) Playing live, regular rehearsals, booking gigs with venues and approaching booking agents.

Ian will also discuss marketing product eg. Style of music versus CD artwork. networking locally and building a fan base or following from home.

A total overview of the process of the Australian Music Industry

Write / Record / Release

Ian has been doing these workshops for all ages since 1995. The first was held North of Newcastle and was attended by the then 14-year-old boys once known as The Innocent Criminals, and renamed ‘silverchair’ who have amassed fame and global exposure since winning a radio competition ‘Nomad’. (Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou).

A 2-day music workshop is held at a venue. (Days and times may vary) Friday evening from 4.30pm to 9pm and all day Saturday April 8 from 10am to 5pm. Times may vary according to venue and daylight savings.

It is recommended students bring along: ruled A4 pad, pens/pencils, 2 x blank cd, and any easily portable instruments played.


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